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Today and always, I am honored to produce music with island artists that I call my Ohana (family).  Hawai'i will always be my home away from home.  During my years living on O'ahu, I learned that Mana and true Aloha, isn't just a tag line or just a shaka emoji. Rather, it's a way of life! It's a reminder to always love the land, the culture, the spirit of Aloha, and to honor the sacred land.


For me, living amongst those that honor the culture truly opened my eyes and heart to what is real in this world. 


So to be welcomed by chiefs / Kanaka Maoli (native elders), will always be an honor that I will carry with me...forever.  As a native myself, I recognize and also honor their Mana!  It is truly powerful and must always be respected. 


Mahalo for the continued love, support always!


While there are too many braddahs and sistahs to possibly mention, I'll start by taking a moment to thank my braddahs O-Shen, Fiji, Jamin 'Chief' Ragga, Kaui, Fat Ram, Lukela, Makapu, Dar and the Ekolu ohana, Thomson 'Kikoman' Enos, Tanoai, Sue and Samson Reed, Juyner King and the Common Kings Fam, Peni, Wayne, Bruce, and Taz for their love and support. So many to name, but I love you all.


** Special shout to Kaumakaiwa (Lopaka) Kanaka'ole for blessing our track "Salt Water Anthem" I produced with O-Shen.


You are all forever in my heart!  

Congratulations Ho‘aikane!
2022 Na Hoku Hanohano Award Winners
Reggae album of the year: 
“Back on the Porch”

I am very proud of you all!  Love you my braddahs!

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Te Moana Nui is the great ocean that connects us all.

Sending love and Aloha to my braddahs of Ekolu!

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and another one!!! Big love to my braddahs of Common Kings! 

Pipeline 2 Paradise Radio



Shout out to my braddah Puukani Sebala! Much love for the continued friendship and musical support.


You can always hear my Island Collabs here 1st!

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Shout Out to my Braddah Glenn of Maoli!
Keep it smooth ~

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