The Album.

"A sexy, classy, hypnotic, soulful and perfectly flirtatious album"  
-  Paste Magazine​​

"Carmona is completely at home in a world where R&B, HipHop n Smooth Jazz are fused

 - The Smooth Jazz Magazine

 Album Review

The album title alone is a deft double entendre: On one hand, it evokes “suite” as in a collection of songs, and on the other, it invents “hang suite” as a hip euphemism for the celebrity hotel suite.  No matter how it's interpreted, sit back and chill to the infectious beats and smooth piano styles of Gabe Carmona. As always, Gabe's piano work is spot on with its spatial performance that is never overwrought or overplayed.


The same can be said for the simple and under assuming mellow madness of Baby Love.  This track sets the tone of the album with a sensual dance between the guitar, piano and playful timpani hits. In perfect contrast, The Gift is hauntingly stunning and is only further accentuated by its inspiring guitar work. Preview the album below to experience The G Suite.

Album Insights

Revisiting his R&B roots, Touch takes you back to the smooth sounds of 90s R&B.  Here, Gabe channels his early influences of Guy, Levert, Blackstreet, Jodeci, Mint Condition, Sade, Joe, Keith Sweat, New Edition and others. Tonight Girl conveniently describes The G Suite’s atmospherics with sexy sax hooks and piano solos.  With My Love (My Baby), Carmona captures the essence of his love for his muse...his wife. In its truest form, My Love is the sound of love. 1218 Interlude provides yet another series of smooth teasing chords and melody hinting at Gabe's next album set for 2021.​

Staying true to his ambient and branded production style, he created Timeless, which was recently approved by The National Geographic Channel for broadcast use and placed in use of Icelandic and other footage from the "One Strange Rock" series. Rounding out with It's U and ending with Wifey, Gabe delivers a collection of truly artistic productions that are sure to leave any listener wanting more.​​

The Gear!

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The G Suite Album was a project that was a long time coming. After years on the road touring and spending most of my journey producing for others, it was time for...well, me. Who would have thought it would taken me to relocate to Nashville to start this R&B/Soulful album? It is Music City after all right? This album truly represents my soulful artistic style of production. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did creating it.


Special shoutout to all that have already purchased the album and continue to support! - Gabe​

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Inside the Studio w/Gabe