10 Best USB Audio Interfaces for Home Studios in 2021

Updated: May 22

Looking for affordable USB audio interfaces? We have you covered. If you’re a bedroom producer, your most important piece of recording equipment is most likely your audio interface. Interfaces allow you to accurately listen to your music, track instruments and vocals, and — depending on the preamps — even color your sound in pleasing ways.

When it comes to what kind of audio interface to get, USB audio interfaces hit the sweet spot for most home production needs. They’re generally portable, convenient, and can run using USB bus power instead of an external supply.

There are a lot of different USB audio interfaces out there at a lot of different price points. We’ve picked 10 USB audio interfaces that are full-featured, good for those who don’t need to connect heaps of instruments, and won’t empty your wallet. No matter if you’re a beginner or a producer with years of experience, this guide will help you sort out which interface is right for you.

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