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Gabe Carmona

  • Founder of 88k Media®
  • Owner of The G Suite Studio
  • Artist. Producer. Engineer.
  • Executive Leadership
  • AI + Architect
  • MBA, MHA

The creative mind behind 88k Media® and owner of The G Suite Studio, Gabe Carmona is a Nashville based recording artist, music producer, composer, sound designer and mixing engineer.


Over the last 20+ years, he has showcased for Korg, Roland, and Yamaha, collaborated with media companies, and recording artists - including the industry’s best on stage, and in the studio. 



What can I say? I am dedicated to the craft of great audio and the art of music.

"Success" in the music industry isn’t something that I waited for or hoped for. It is something that I created, day after day. Staying true to my art, my sound, and my soul has led me to share stages with the industry's best, travel while touring and in the process, meet many beautiful creatives all around the world. I am proud of my network of artists, musicians, record labels and ARs I call friends/family.

I also hold three (3) degrees - Two (2) Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees from OU/Angell Snyder School of Business in Business and another in Healthcare Management and Administration. My undergraduate degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Leadership & Management (Magna Cum Laude).

​It's been a blessed journey for sure. So when I can give back, I do. Whether it's the musical charities or the wildlife conversations I support via donations, or spending time giving musical reviews or advice to our musical community, I truly enjoy paying it forward. As the saying goes here in Music City, "We are here to help one another, not to compete". As far as my approach to new music, with each production I aim to take the listener on a journey. There's nothing better than opening a new session in LogicProX, preparing piano tracks, and pressing record. I'm grateful and proud of my diverse collection of unique music produced so far, both as a producer for artists, and my solo work in many genres.


I started my career in music as a keyboard player for several Bay Area bands. Coming from a family rich in musical history and culture, it's no surprise that I spent much of my childhood in music studios and on stage. Since then, I have worn many musical hats; from Engineer, Music Director, A&R, Producer, Composer, as well as Studio Musician for local and labeled recording artists at locations such as Universal Music Group, Capitol Records, Sony Music, and Warner Brothers to name a few.


STAGE LIFE: In addition to those sessions, I've spent many years as a touring musician, most recently with Island recording artists. This led to opportunities to hit the stage with artists like Wyclef Jean, Mikey Dread, Pitbull, The Marleys, Yellowman, Don Carlos, Fiji, O-Shen, Jamin, The Legendary Wailers, and many others.


These days however, you can find me creating in my private recording studio, the G Suite - working on projects set to be released this year. 


I am often asked about my sound selection or how I would describe my music? To me, I describe my music as organic and real. That means, what I feel - I create. It's 100% authentic. 

When it comes to my sound selection methodology, I have my favorites such as OUTPUT, Waves, iZotope, Native Instruments, FabFilter, Lindell Audio and many others. No matter which I choose to go with, I believe in taking the time required to edit each sound and sonically produce what I call, Gabe Carmona music. As a pianist, chord and musical theory is also part of each production. 

Expect to hear my latest in sound edits and digital releases this year, as I continue to partner with BBC Network, NatGeo, BravoTV, The Discovery Channel, Temponaut Timelapse Films, MTV, Focus Features, MMA, VH1 and others for production placements. One of my  latest tracks 'Touch' , was featured on the E! Network.

Be sure to also follow me on all social media accounts and producer communities where I share industry knowledge, sound pack reviews, experiences on stage, and how to avoid industry pitfalls.

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