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MBA, MHA, Founder of 88k Media

Bay Area Native, Gabe Carmona, is a Nashville-based music producer, composer, engineer, and recording artist whose work spans a multitude of genres.  After years on the road as a touring musician, he now calls Music City home.

A little history.


Over the last 20+ years, Gabe has tracked and toured with the industry's best; including record labels, digital pioneers, film, TV, media, time-lapse companies, and global brands for productions and placements. Gabe is a highly experienced Recording Engineer, Audio Editor, Electronic Music Programmer, Audio and Mastering Engineer. Facilitating music production has become his fine art and created in him a deep commitment to the medium of sound and music. Gabe brings a depth of experience working artists from across the globe.

Notably, Gabe recently released his debut album, The G Suite, which continues to land on playlists.  After years of producing for local and Grammy artists, he created what publications have called a "timeless, soulful and perfectly flirtatious album".  Written for and inspired by his wife, this album is sure to please all music lovers.  Experience the G Suite here.

When producing, Gabe's intention (as a music producer) is facilitation – to allow the music to come forth from the artist with as little personal imprint as possible. As he puts it, "serving the song” and being transparent while grounding the project into form using modern recording techniques and processors is key. Perfecting the art of collaborating through deep listening, complex briefing and manifesting the client’s intention through sound into music. His matches his client's passion by bringing music into form through modern production processors, grounded with structure, production planning, time lining, and financial budgets.

Gabe offers the latest technology to his clients including remote recording, remote editing and remote mixing. This allows his clients, no matter where they are, to feel like they are in the studio with Gabe when he is producing for them allowing for a collaborative approach to the work, keeping the clients involved in the creative process every step of the way.

Whether it's smooth sessions with artists like George Benson, sharing the stage with Pitbull, rockin' keys on stage with Reggae artists like The Wailers, Wyclef, Chief Ragga, O-Shen, Fiji, Yellowman, Don Carlos, Mikey Dread, The Melody Makers (Marleys), or studio sessions here in Music City (Nashville), fans and collaborators can always count on Gabe's passion for people, music, and true creativity with every music project. Learn more about Gabe's island connection here.

“I came to Nashville not to bring inspiration, but to gain inspiration from the great movement that has taken place in this community.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


88k Media + The G Suite


We Deliver Original Scoring, Artist Collaborations, and Exceptional Musical Products and Services

In his home studio, affectionately known as the 'G Suite', he creates with a dedicated focus on the art of music, organic writing, productions, and chord theory. Along with this production work, Gabe also mentors upcoming artists, provides music reviews, and shares his industry knowledge with the artist/producer communities worldwide. 

"As a multi-format producer, I connect with artists whether it be Country Music here in the 615, Smooth Jazz, Hiphop, R&B, ChillHop, Lo-fi, short , film, documentary or even customized music. What can I say? I am dedicated to the art of audio and music" - Gabe

A trusted partner of artists, record labels, private, commercial, production, and promotional vendors, Gabe Carmona Music projects can be heard all over the world.  His highly curated selection of songs, samples, trailers, commercials, as well as customized projects, continues to grow his catalog.  In the world of music and other audio technology, Gabe has always pushed the envelope​.

"I’m all about making quality music easily accessible and empowering creatives to tell better stories while supporting our clients to achieve targeted production placements each step of the way.  While this site does not contain the entire catalog, contact us today to schedule time to discuss your project needs" - Gabe


Master Degree

Business Administration (MBA)
Ottawa University

Master Degree

Healthcare Administration (MHA)
Ottawa University

Bachelor of Arts

Leadership and Management Ottawa University

MBA: Magna Cum Laude

MBA: Magna Cum Laude

BA: Summa Cum Laude


Here at 88k Media, we love and honor our country and our beautiful flag.  We support our Military and the community of first responders all across our great nation.

We honor all of the brave - past and present who have served our country and defended our freedom.

God Bless America!


Honor. Integrity.

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Mixer Keys

Final Thought

"Success" in the music industry isn’t something that I waited for or hoped for.  It is something that I created, day after day.  Staying true to my art, my sound, and my soul has led me to share stages with the industry's best - BUT, the real gift is the ability to give back, inspire new/old artists, and touch hearts with our music. So, forget the hype and the lights, and have fun. This, in my opinion, is the true gift of music and what truly creates lasting connections, fans, and artist longevity. 

Be well.

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