Bay Area Native, Gabe Carmona, is a Nashville-based music producer, composer, engineer, and recording artist whose work spans a multitude of genres.  After years on the road as a touring musician, he now calls Music City home.


Over the last 20+ years, Gabe has tracked and toured with the industry's best; including record labels, digital pioneers, film, TV, media, time-lapse companies, and global brands for productions and placements. He brings a unique genre-blending style to his productions stemming from his deep musical roots. To learn more about his musical roots, visit the CLM page here.


He shares, "Although I may track and host sessions at epic studio locations such as The Sound Kitchen, Sony, Capitol, and others, I am most often found creating in my private studio space, affectionally known as the G Suite, located in middle Tennessee's backcountry. There, I create original tracks, artist productions, and remixes - most recently, Justin Bieber's Lonely". Preview it here

Leveraging my broad skill sets and a proven sound understanding of music theory and recording techniques has helped set me apart from other producers. This has enabled me to adapt to technological advancements and changes within the music industry.

Notably, Gabe recently released his debut album, The G Suite, which continues to land on playlists.  After years of producing for local and Grammy artists, he created what publications have called a "timeless, soulful and perfectly flirtatious album".  Written for and inspired by his wife, this album is sure to please all music lovers.  Experience the G Suite here


Bay Area + Where it all began.

Stage Life + Touring.

The G Suite + Music City.

It all started in San Jose, CA.  Seems like yesterday that I was rockin' the smallest CASIO keyboard ever.  Man, I fell in love with those keys. Eventually, I graduated to a Yamaha DX7s. From there, well it all began as a keyboard player for several Bay Area bands, including the Chris Carmona Band. Coming from a family rich in musical history and culture, it's no surprise I spent most of my childhood in music studios and on stage.

Since then, I have worn many musical hats; from Engineer, Music Director, A&R, Producer, Composer, as well as Studio Musician for local and labeled recording artists at locations such as Universal Music Group, Capitol Records, Sony Music, and Warner Brothers to name a few.

Living on O'ahu provided many opportunities. I was contracted to perform as a keysman for several international artists including Mikey Dread and showcased with other international artists such as O-Shen, Chief Ragga, Fiji, The Marleys, and The Legendary Wailers, Don Carlos, Yellowman, Pitbull, Wyclef Jean, and many others. 

It's been a blessed journey for sure. So when I can give back, I do. Whether it's charity events via St. Jude's or other musical charities, wildlife conversations I support, spending time giving musical reviews, or advice to our musical community, I truly enjoy paying it forward. As the saying goes here in Music City, "We are here to help one another, not to compete". As far as my approach to new music, with each production, I aim to take the listener on a journey.


I'm grateful and proud of my diverse collection of music produced so far, both as a solo artist/producer and for artists.

Here in Music City, aka Nashville, I launched "The G Suite" studio as my primary recording and production location tucked away in the Tennessee backcountry. New music drops very soon!

I can't thank every one of you enough for your support over the years.


What can I say? I am dedicated to the craft of great audio and the art of music.

Beyond the Music...

  • Gabe holds a Master's degree in Business (MBA) Magna Cum Laude
  • Master's in Healthcare Management & Administration (MHA) Magna Cum Laude
  • Gabe also holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Leadership & Management Summa Cum Laude
  • Including certifications in business, project management, and healthcare finance
Gabe Carmona
Gabe Carmona


I’m grateful and honored to be featured in Nashville Voyager Magazine’s “Nashville’s Most Inspiring Stories” series.  I had a great time connecting with NashvilleVoyager Magazine for this interview! 


Sound Selections +

bk23 (1).png

I am often asked about my sound selection process or how I would describe my music?


To me, I describe my music as organic and real. That means, what I feel - I create. It's 100% authentic. I think of sound selection like the good ole' crate digging days.  I would always recommend making the time to find sounds or samples, but also take time to edit the wave.  I always try to think 5 steps ahead sonically - meaning, how will this fit? How will it sit in the mix? Is it needed or do I just like the sound lol? Typically, I am leveraging OUTPUT, Waves, iZotope, Native Instruments, FabFilter, Lindell Audio products and many others.


While these are merely tools, I do have my go-to sites and customized library of sounds as well. No matter which I choose to go with, I believe in taking the time required to edit each sound and sonically produce what I call, Gabe Carmona music.  As a pianist, I appreciate musical theory as well, so it's also part of each production.


So, always take the time to explore the wave's properties. You would be amazed what you can do these days with platforms such as Output, Exhale, and many others. So that's a snapshot of my creative process. Hope it helps. 

​Be sure to also follow my social media accounts and producer communities where I share more industry knowledge, sound pack reviews and more.

Work Desk
"Success" in the music industry isn’t something that I waited for or hoped for.  It is something that I created, day after day.  Staying true to my art, my sound, and my soul has led me to share stages with the industry's best - BUT, the real gift is the ability to give back, inspire new/old artists, and touch hearts with our music. So, forget the hype and the lights, and have fun. This, in my opinion, is the true gift of music and what truly creates lasting connections, fans, and artist longevity. 

Be well.
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